Art is an amazing description of emotion and feelings, and no doubt why people are so attracted to art. The way it portrays emotions in-depth, nothing else can be compared to this. It doesn’t matter if you are an art lover or not, but a single piece of great art can make you admire it a lot. It is assumed that this world is also a piece of art, because the way things run by nature is beyond explanation, one can just feel and admire the beauty.

The population in Dubai is increasing day by day, and the demand for new projects for a living is also increasing. People are exploring off plan properties in Dubai for investment purposes or for living purposes as well.

There are many art galleries in Dubai, but that art will meet your taste or not is totally another case. It is really unexpected to see that the nation with so much young blood has a great collection of traditional and cultural art from different cultures. Dubai, itself, is a part of the Middle Eastern world but what you will mostly see here is from beyond this city.


You can not be a big fan of art, but what you will see is amazing, and most probably everyone is going to like this. You should remember that Islam has a long tradition of not portraying human forms, but depicting the Islamic ceramics and calligraphy requires a lot of energy and creativity.


There are many art galleries in Dubai depicting the Islamic culture, but the most recommended one by the reviewers is the Meem Gallery. It is located at Umm Suqeim and is highly recommended for Islamic art, and there is not only the older stuff, as it features the best and the most creative work by these young emerging talents in this field.

There is another art centre for the Islamic traditions, known as The Miraj Islamic Art Centre. It is located at Jumeirah Beach Road and is close to the Dubai Beach hotel. The collections are almost from all the parts of the Islamic world, but you may have to bear the pressure of “buy buy buy”,  but if you are not aware of the value of these arts you should resist politely.


We all know about the good photographs, as we have the best cameras on our smartphones right now, but it was not the case back in the early days.

The Empty Quarter Fine Art Photography Gallery is a great photo gallery to look at some photographs taken back in the early ages.

The Gallery One, housed in the Dubai Mall, does just not display photos but also some visual arts.


Where can the youngster find the sharpest, boldest, and fine arts in Dubai? From the mid-2000s many small and sharp art galleries have been opening in smart locations. The youngest and the most talented artists are featuring their arts in these galleries.

You should not expect the boldest arts in these Emirati art galleries, as the people here don’t really like much bold meaning arts.

The Art Space in Dubai International Financial Centre has a variety of original work on display. There are some events as well where you can find and meet the artists.



Dubai has been a regular venue for the annual international art fair since the early 2000s. It got a little slow down during 2008, but it has risen again.

The inaugural event at Madinat Jumeirah complex was great. The diversity of arts and photos was astonishing, with a collection from almost all over the world.

If you were in Dubai in 2016, Art Dubai Modern 2016 at the Madinat Jumeirah was so tempting.

Dubai is growing day by day. People visit here for many reasons since it is providing them with entertainment and relaxation. The city has a lot of people to accommodate, so if you are planning to migrate to Dubai, you should consider investing in some off plan property in Dubai. The art lovers will find a lot of different and versatile arts in the galleries of this city. Arts of the many big names are also in this city like Picasso and Leonardo Da Vinci.